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The National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) was founded in 1980. Our mission is to educate, advocate, and empower for multi-ethnic diversity in the communications industry. We are a National organization (www.NAMIC.com), with more than 17 chapters across the United States.

NAMIC members are cable operators, programmers, vendors, telecommunication and new media professionals and entrepreneurs. They are frontline employees, managers, executives and every position in-between. Our organization is comprised of members of multiple races, creeds, and cultures—all committed to a future in which these differences are strengths. The chapter-community of NAMIC Detroit is committed to continually promoting multi-ethnic representation and development in the communications industry (read more on our about us page).

Supporting NAMIC Detroit with a sponsorship has clear value for any organization, including providing access to:

  • A diverse, professionally motivated and personally inspired group of professionals from many of the top employers across Michigan.
  • Exciting and impactful events focused on professional growth and development, technology and industry hot topics featuring provocative guest speakers.
  • A turnkey way to fulfill your organization’s diversity and inclusion goals.

To talk more about our organization and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at Info@namicdetroit.com.

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The Sponsorship Team, NAMIC Detroit