National NAMIC President Gives Statement on Current Affairs: NAMIC Stands with the AAPI Community

NAMIC Stands with the AAPI Community   by Shuanise Washington   We at NAMIC are saddened and troubled by the horrific mass shootings in the Atlanta area. We mourn the death of the six Asian women who were brutally murdered and pray for the families, communities, and others impacted by this tragedy.   The shootings in Atlanta were just the latest attack against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Since the start of the pandemic, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have been the victims of 3,800 hate-related incidents. These events are a painful reminder of the cruel toll that xenophobia and racism continue to take on our society. We all suffer when anyone is marginalized, mistreated, and discriminated against in our society.   Racism and xenophobia thwart any progress we hope to make towards a truly just, equitable, and inclusive America. Now is the time for all of us to stand in unity against all forms of hatred. Failure to do so threatens the very fabric of our democracy.   NAMIC, Inc. honors the lives of the victims whose lives ended so abruptly and senselessly. Our hearts are with the AAPI community during this painfully difficult time. NAMIC stands in solidarity with you and reaffirms its commitment to a diverse and inclusive America.

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