Honoring Maria Holmes for Women's History Month

Our NAMIC Detroit President, Maria Holmes, is being nationally recognized by NAMIC for Women's History month with a Q and A.

Q & A with Maria Holmes, NAMIC Detroit President

Maria Holmes President, NAMIC-Detroit Director, Community Impact - External Affairs, Comcast   Q: Why is diversity and inclusion (D&I) important? A DEI focus allows each of us to be authentic and to be our best self.  Sometimes it is a lens through which we can ask ourselves important questions that we may not have asked before, implement ideas that we were afraid to tackle before and look at outcomes in a different way. For example, how can we make the technical jobs more attractive for women? Are people of color confident that their voice will be heard in our company?   Q2: What advice would you give to your younger self? Remember you are personally loved in spite of your professional challenges and failures. Pick yourself up and begin, again.  Who you really are to yourself and family is more important than who others think you are.   Q3: What’s your approach to mentoring? Lead by example and give grace.  Share what I’ve learned and be keenly aware of how I can improve my own professional life as well as that of others.  Many times, we are mentoring, and we don’t know it.  As we share our life stories and triumphs, it helps someone else to make it through a rough patch or to consider a different way of doing something. Consider first how we can elevate through our feedback rather than deflate.  We all do better when we still feel valued during a crisis or storm.   Q4: In addition to mentoring, how important is it to build your network? Intentionally building a broad network is critical; it is how you get things done quickly and efficiently.  Taking time to assist and support other people is one way to create a strong network.  People remember more about what you DO to help them rather than what you SAY.   Q5: How has NAMIC enhanced your career and personal growth? NAMIC has allowed me the opportunity to continue to grow my professional skills with supportive leaders.  It has also given me the platform to share my 35+ years of experience with emerging leaders and young leaders alike.   Q6: What is your favorite quote? Cherish the past, plan for the future and live in the moment - Maria Holmes